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  • Research Reports + Due Diligence
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Strategic Testimonials:

Matthew Roszak

“Strategic Coin’s research provides critical insight and transparency to this new and exciting technology frontier.”

Matthew Roszak
Chairman & Co-Founder of Bloq/Metronome
Jeff Garzik

“I absolutely agree, and I think this is really causing everyone from entrepreneurs to venture capitalists to consumers to rethink how they invest how they buy and how they build companies. We’re looking at similar metrics ourselves and so the quality of the team, the experience of the team, the quality of the tech, the consumer interest, the adoption ramp, who is backing it, who is buying in, what’s the momentum.”

Jeff Garzik
Co-founder of Bloq, on Strategic Coin’s token analysis and vision for a two sided economy
Patrick Baron

“Strategic Coin due diligence reports are comprehensive and exactly what the ICO community needs.”

Patrick Baron
CEO of Ambisafe Financial
Reese Schonfeld

“Strategic Coins news portal and research brings a much needed level of professionalism and transparency to this cutting edge industry. I see SC to be an influential player within the crypto space. I am proud to be an advisor to this premier brand.”

Reese Schonfeld
Co-founder of CNN and founder of Food Network
Eduard Dzhamgary

“The custom research reports are a great marketing piece that gives our clients a 3rd party endorsement along with an opportunity to provide further updates to their white paper and an ability to communicate and engage token buyers.”

Eduard Dzhamgary
Chief Business Development Officer of ICOBox