Strategic Coin is a premier provider of due diligence audits along with market and sector research for the blockchain industry.

Strategic Coin’s knowledge within the blockchain space combined with our experience in both capital markets and in research makes us a premier choice for clients or token buyers evaluating blockchain technology or token projects pre and post launch. Strategic Coin’s comprehensive due diligence audit provides clients, platform users and token buyers with guidance on a projects platform, use case, product roadmap and leadership team. Our due diligence audit assesses the short and long term viability of the project as well as identify potential improvements and ongoing developments. Strategic Coin presents its insights and conclusions in custom Viability and Strategic Assessment (VISTA) Reports as well as in its in-depth market and sector research.

Services include:

Due Diligence Audits (VISTA Reports)
Strategic Coin Viability and Strategic Assessment (VISTA) Reports aim to be the most authoritative and thoroughly vetted view on a project’s short and long-term potential. Backed by comprehensive industry, management, and project due diligence, these public-facing documents provide third-party validation that gives confidence to prospective token buyers and platform users.

Strategic Coin performs a comprehensive due diligence audit for existing projects or token and protocol launches currently in development using its proprietary VISTA methodology. VISTA reports provide vetted guidance and insights about the platform, use case, product roadmap and leadership team in order to validate the strengths of the project and the market opportunity for token buyers and platform users. Clients internally also use our VISTA reports for management to highlight improvements, new opportunities and further potential for their projects. Below are criteria used in the VISTA analysis:

  • Community: The project’s social media presence, responses, and engagement within the community. We measure this metric on several attributes, including: number of followers, growth, and response rate to the community.
  • Funding: A key indicator of success that is measured in terms the project’s runway – the years it can continue to operate without additional capital.
  • Platform: The maturity of the platform’s development, the extent to which developers have secured the code, and the team’s openness to peer review and continual audits. Strategic Coin’s analysis of the project’s code is incorporated into these ratings.
  • Market: The market opportunity relative to the current crypto and traditional markets. On the crypto side, we attempt to assess the project’s positioning and entry plan into the market.
  • Support: An indicator of a platform’s long-term viability. Ratings are affected by quality, commitment and involvement of the advisors, development team, and founders, as well as the incentive structure designed for users.

Market and Sector Research
Strategic Coin independently conducts research on blockchain projects, market sectors and issues affecting the blockchain industry, offering third-party guidance to anyone seeking unbiased information about this disruptive technology. In order to make our reports as informative as possible, we have built a deeply experienced in-house team of research analysts that stay abreast of market trends and perform due diligence on specific industry verticals and blockchain projects. Many clients request custom-consulting based on the ideas generated from the research insights that are published.