Our Firm

Our Firm

We are a premier utility token research and blockchain advisory firm. Strategic Coin team members are seasoned and highly accomplished professionals with proven track records and long-time demonstrated success within a wide range of business and industries. We apply this same business execution, expertise and acumen to the cryptocurrency space, providing our readers, clients and partners with:

Due diligence audits and industry research reports, including qualitative and quantitative in-depth analysis of tokens and protocols

Development and validation of utility tokens, tokenized networks, and blockchain platforms

Insights and thought leadership, including observations from our network, strategic advisors and partners

Consulting and advisory services for the creation and development of blockchain platforms and token economies 

Strategic Coin provides due diligence research, consulting and advisory services to companies looking to integrate blockchain technology into their business model and successfully create tokenized networks. Assistance with the creation of blockchain platforms and token economies often covers legal introduction, market research analysis, white paper creation, technology integration, smart contract development and branding of your business model and platform. Strategic Coin executes on the introduction of blockchain technology and new protocols to the crypto marketplace and beyond through the Strategic Advantage network of advisors, technology, legal, tax, and marketing partners.

Mission + Principles

Our mission is to bring business experience, expertise, execution and influential access to the crypto market. As we pursue that mission, we’re guided by our set of core values that ensure we never forget what we stand for:


Strategic Coin’s leadership team employs proven principles in our advisory and consulting work. With our experience, network, and talents, we bring measurable results to the crypto market.

Transparency + Integrity

Transparency plays an integral role in creating efficiency and opportunity. Given the very nature of blockchain technology, where all transactions are traceable in an open ledger, there is full transparency – we are committed to that same principle.

Acting with integrity is fundamental for growth and is intrinsic to who we are. Our partners, clients, and token buyers are our most important assets. By doing business in an honest and transparent manner, we are able to build a strong foundation of trust and nurture successful, long-term relationships.


We are driven to achieve excellence in every project we accept. We hold ourselves to an exceptionally high standard – how we perform is both who we are and how we are measured. By continuously performing at the highest level we are able to fulfill our vision and ensure our clients receive superior outcomes.


We take an exhaustive approach to research and advisory services. Our expertise allows us to identify opportunities in the emerging market for blockchain technologies and token economies and help clients seize them. In a field lacking comprehensive due diligence and crowded with inexperienced advisers, our professionalism, skill, and commitment to our clients set us apart.


Blockchain protocols, smart contracts and token business models often have significant technical obstacles to entry, including terminology that attempts to exclude participants. We remove these barriers by translating the technological aspects of this space into precise and easily accessible language and action steps. The advisory, research, and educational services that we offer provide critical insight into changes within the crypto market and the catalysts behind these changes, vastly facilitating our clients’ ability to participate in the blockchain-driven opportunities.

Highest + Best Use Cases

We work with cutting-edge platforms to help introduce their ground-breaking technology-enabled solutions to users. The blockchain is revolutionizing how products and services are delivered. We are committed to being a driving force behind this change.