Norman Rothstein

Chairman and CEO

Norman Rothstein’s investment banking expertise and success with seeding, developing and providing exits for innovative start up companies is well known on Wall St. As a seasoned investment entrepreneur, Mr Rothstein has founded, funded and guided many early stage companies in the technology, energy and consumer industries. Norman has developed ideas and concepts into businesses for which he has sourced and provided funding, taking an active role in shaping strategies, defining missions and formulating management teams in order to position companies for exceptional growth and exits – seeking to deliver the highest percentage of returns exponentially. Some of Mr Rothstein’s successes include Barr Labs sold for 7.4 bil, H-Power 1.8 bil NASDAQ market valuation, National Patent $1 to $300+ share price, EoTech $1.2 mil purchase to $56 mil exit in 30 months and many others.