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White Paper targets the traditional recruitment model using matching technology, smart contracts on the blockchain, enhanced feedback and financial incentives. It is developing an industry-specific protocol and a sophisticated token economy. Some key takeaways are:

  • Rewards: Instead of traditional recruitment fees of 20% of a candidate’s salary, costs hirers only 6%, and gives 5% back to job seeker as a signing bonus once they’re hired.
  • Privacy: Instead of monetizing candidate data, only uses candidate data to match and find jobs. It does not monetize the personal data in any other way.
  • Feedback: The token economy provides incentives for employers to provide transparency through out the job application journey, thus addressing the most common pain point reported by job seekers.

Editor’s Note: As an early advisor to, we though it better to present its white paper to our community instead of writing a VISTA due diligence report.