Strategic Coin provides consulting services for Fortune 500 companies looking to incorporate the revolutionary benefits of blockchain technology into their business model.

Strategic Coin’s knowledge within the blockchain space and extensive traditional business experience has made us a consulting firm of choice for companies seeking to understand blockchain technology and its application to their new or existing business. Strategic Coin provides valuable counsel regarding how to implement blockchain technology and/or for those developing new token economies into their business model. For clients with a project in early development, or for a project currently underway, Strategic Coin’s comprehensive consulting services provide stakeholders with insights and guidance on blockchain platforms, tech development, blockchain and token use case, token economics and business model incorporation. Strategic Coin presents its insights and conclusions in a custom Viability and Strategic Assessment (VISTA) Report providing management and stakeholders with an assessment of the projects potential, market opportunity as well as existing business enhancement.

Services include:

Blockchain Incorporation

Strategic Coin helps companies that want to incorporate blockchain technology into their business. With detailed knowledge of blockchain innovation and best practices, Strategic Coin identifies how the technology can increase super-charge your business operations. Strategic Coin works with you to integrate pre-built and custom solutions into your existing systems.

Blockchain Technology Development

Through our premier partners like Bloq, Strategic Coin develops protocols and the underlying infrastructure needed to develop and incorporate this revolutionary technology into your business. Our access to experienced blockchain developers gives means you don’t have to worry about the shortage of high-quality code developers and architects. Working with Strategic Coin lets founders focus on business opportunities instead of technology project management.

Due Diligence Audits

For clients with an existing project or a project currently in development, Strategic Coin’s comprehensive due diligence audits provide management with insights and guidance on their platform, tech development, use case, token economy, product roadmap and business model. Project management receives an internal due diligence report providing guidance, identifying potential improvements and further opportunities.

Vetting of Tokens for Exchanges

Reputable crypto exchanges will only continue to be so if investors are confident in the listing criteria. Strategic Coin assists exchanges with the process of conducting due diligence on tokens applying to be traded on an exchange. It then conducts ongoing research to make sure those tokens are in compliance. Additionally, Strategic Coin is available to maintain the quality of the tokens included in token curated registries.

Token Economics

We assist in the definition of your token economics strategy. In addition, Strategic Coin reviews your distribution models and user incentives. Through our research division, game theorists and economic consultants, Strategic Coin stress tests economic models of existing and planned projects. Clients receive a risk assessment based on a project’s governance, token structure and consensus mechanisms. Considering historical data, benchmarks and identified objectives, Strategic Coin creates economic structures that maximize security, lifespan, and efficiency.

Protocol Guidance

With unbiased insight, Strategic Coin can help either develop a new blockchain or select an existing protocol that fits your specific needs. Strategic Coin does not promote any specific platform. The team has deep knowledge of many different blockchains and their interoperability with other projects.

White Paper Development

The custom white papers that we create for our clients serve the purpose of what in the financial industry would traditionally be considered a prospectus and pitch deck. The white paper introduces the validity and utility of the platform, while also addressing a wide breadth of topics ranging from operating plans, product descriptions, blockchain technology, token economics, team biographies and token distribution strategy.