Strategic Coin Insights + Observations

Strategic Coin is a trusted source of information for the crypto space. We are the first crypto research and advisory firm providing media coverage, education papers, and token launch advisory services for utility tokens. Strategic Coin provides educational papers, news articles, observations and high-level, transparent insight into the crypto space for token users and buyers. We provide clients with a clear understanding of the market and how to participate in the crypto market. We believe blockchain integration, initial coin offerings (ICO) and token generation events (TGE) represent revolutionary market opportunities. The utility token market in many ways is similar to the mainstream financial markets, but access and evaluating use case value proposition is difficult due to the technical expertise needed to correctly get started. Would-be participants in the cryptocurrency market have faced significant educational barriers, as most writing has been couched in highly technical white papers filled with hard-to-understand jargon. Strategic Coin aims to change this by providing utility token buyers with the insights and understanding required to take advantage and identify new platforms and market opportunities as they arise.