10 Token Buyer Education Articles Written as Lists

10 Token Buyer Education Articles Written as Lists

Crack crypto-journalist Josiah Wilmoth has been teaching readers about everything from buying cryptocurrency to marketing token launches. Below is a recap of 10 of education pieces he has written for Strategic Coin since September 2017. To learn more, go to the individual article’s page.

3 Ways to Store Your Crypto Tokens

  • Hardware (e.g., Tezer)
  • Desktop & Mobile (e.g., Exodus)
  • Web Interface & Browser Plugin (e.g., MetaMask)

4 Classes of Crypto Finance Investments

  • Cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitcoin)
  • Platforms (e.g., Ethereum)
  • Tokens (e.g., Golem)
  • Assets (e.g., Tether)

4 Risks ICO Investors Face

  • Regulatory
  • Business
  • Financial
  • Cyber Attacks & Fraud

3 Types of ICO Tokens

  • Equities (e.g., Lykke)
  • Securities (e.g., SPiCE VC)
  • Utility (e.g., Filecoin)

3 Factors that Cause Bitcoin Price Swings

  • Regulatory Factor
  • Media Attention
  • Professional Day Trading

3 Challenges Institutional ICO Investors Face

  • Lack of Regulatory Clarity
  • Difficulty Valuing Startups & Assets
  • Storing Crypto Tokens

3 Ways to Identify an ICO Scam

  • The Developers Are Anonymous
  • The Token Does Not Have a Clear Use Case
  • The Whitepaper Sets Unrealistic Goals

5 Steps to Make Your Utility Token ICO Launch Successful

  • Create a Product
  • Draft a Whitepaper
  • Develop a Token
  • Obtain Legal Counsel
  • Build & Maintain an Engaged Community

3 Questions Token Buyers Should Ask When Evaluating TGEs

  • Is There a Product, and Does It Have a Market?
  • Do I Trust These People With My Money or Not?
  • If I Give These People My Money, What Are They Going to Do With It?

5 Tips for Marketing a Utility Token ICO

  • Ensure Your Token is a Utility Token
  • Target the Correct Market
  • Be Transparent
  • Tell a Compelling Story
  • Enlist the Help of a Utility Token Launch Advisory Service