Our Firm

Our Firm

We are experienced Wall Street investment bankers taking our track record of success and expertise to the crypto space. At Strategic Coin, we believe that utility tokens have the potential to be one of the most disruptive innovations that can significantly impact and change the way people conduct business.

Strategic Coin is bringing the philosophy of execution and results to the crypto market. We provide transparency and access to this expanding decentralized global marketplace. We utilize our team’s research insight, market analysis, and advisory expertise combined with experience to identify exceptional opportunities.

We strive towards creating a greater transparency in the crypto space by helping token buyers from around the world make an educated decision through independent qualitative and quantitative research on ICOs and tokens. Strategic Coin brings education and research insight into the crypto space for token buyers.

Strategic Coin provides consulting and advisory services to companies with disruptive potential and experienced management teams who are looking to integrate blockchain technology and launch a utility token. We assist companies with the creation of a utility token, smart contracts, and introductions to platforms. Strategic Coin executes on introducing utility tokens to the crypto marketplace through its network of technology, legal, tax, marketing, and exchange partners.

Mission and Principles

Our mission is to bring experience, resources, and expertise in high finance to the crypto market. As we pursue that mission, we’re guided by our set of core values that ensure we never forget what we stand for.



Strategic Coin’s leadership team employs proven principles to help ensure our token launches outperform. With our experience, network, and talents, we bring measurable results to the crypto market.

Transparency + Integrity

Transparency plays an integral role in creating efficient markets. We believe that the nature of blockchain technology allows for greater levels of transparency and has the potential to be a more efficient market because all transactions are traceable in an open ledger.

Acting with integrity is fundamental for growth. Our partners, clients, and token buyers are the most important assets to us. By doing business in an honest and transparent manner, we are able to nurture long-lasting relationships and trust.


We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in every project we take on. We hold ourselves to a high standard, and how we perform is fundamentally how we are measured. By continuously performing at the highest level we are able to execute our vision and bring superior execution for token launches.


We take a methodical approach to our research and advisory services. Our expertise allows us to identify and seize opportunities in the emerging market for token launches. In a field lacking comprehensive due diligence and crowded with inexperienced advisers, our unswerving professionalism and skill set puts us head and shoulders above the rest.


Token launches and related materials have an unnecessary and a significant technical barrier to entry, terminology that attempts to exclude the reader. We remove this barrier by describing the technological aspects in plain, yet precise language. Our educational and advisory services for utility tokens simplify the process of participating in token launches in the marketplace. This allows purchasers to have a better insight into changes in the crypto market and catalysts behind it.

Highest + Best Use Cases

We work with cutting-edge platforms to help introduce their ground-breaking tech-enabled solutions to users. The blockchain is revolutionizing how products and services are delivered and we are committed to being a driving force behind this change.