Metronome Research Report

Metronome Research Report

Nov 27, 2017

Until now tokens have been yoked to a particular blockchain, meaning another technology could possibly come along and usurp it. Metronome hopes to breakout of this blockchain evolutionary cycle by being able to enter and exit any blockchain that best meets its needs throughout the years.

Metronome seeks to be a viable long-term alternative to Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other popular cryptocurrencies. One of its primary use cases will be for transactions that require a quick settlement time. Currently, confirmation times and transaction fees make Bitcoin an unlikely solution for everyday use and mainstream adoption.

To accomplish this goal, and to reach mainstream adoption, MTN will need to be fast enough, and its fees inexpensive enough, to be used on a range purchases from a simple as a cup of coffee to buying of real estate. In this way, MTN’s use cases are nearly infinite. How many ways can you use a dollar? Those are the ways Metronome wants you to use MTN.


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