Token Launch Consulting + Advisory Services

Token Launch Consulting + Advisory Services

We assist our clients with their successful launch of a utility token and blockchain platform to meet their strategic goals.

We help our clients successfully execute their token generation event. Leveraging our exclusive and established relationships with cutting-edge blockchain and technology developers, premier branding and marketing firms, specialized legal and accounting firms and the leading executive and crypto advisors we effectively guide our clients through the entire process of a token generation event (TGE). In every utility token and platform creation their are considerable marketing, technical, operational and compliance requirements and actions that are critical to launching a successful utility token.

Services include:

Advisory + Consulting

Our team’s experience and track record of high performance provide the depth and expertise required to elevate our clients’ businesses and execute on a successful utility token launch. We provide customized solutions to our clients to help them meet their strategic utility token goals.

Research + Market Analysis

Our in-house team of experienced and highly talented research analysts, and the market analyses these professionals bring to the table, provide our clients and the crypto market with the needed transparency to identify technologies and companies that are truly disruptive and will execute on their vision.

Blockchain + Technology Solutions

We assist our clients in all aspects of crypto market technology, including the integration of blockchain technology, token creation, structuring of a smart contract, wallet incorporation, and your token launch.

White Paper Creation

The custom white papers that we create for our utility token clients serve the purpose of what in the financial industry would traditionally be considered a prospectus and pitch deck. The white paper introduces the validity and utility of the platform, while also addressing a wide breadth of topics ranging from operating plans, product descriptions, blockchain technology, token economics, team biographies and token distribution strategy.

Marketing + Public Relations

We ensure that our clients’ utility token launches are supported by targeted marketing efforts and extensive global coverage across different media outlets. Strategic Coin positions every token generation event to identify and engage token buyers who will use the respective platform well after the TGE, thereby achieving the highest level of success.

Token Buyer Identification + Engagement

We provide expertise and access to proprietary software for the identification, multi-stage communication and continuous engagement with platform users and the global token buyer community for utility tokens.

Advisor Introductions

We provide introductions to some of the largest names in business, blockchain technology and thought leaders in the crypto space.