Leadership Team

Strategic Coin was formed with a singular focus: leveraging existing financial and industry experience to produce superior results in the crypto space. Our leadership team gives us a significant competitive advantage, bringing high finance expertise, resources and experience to crypto finance. Our team is composed of seasoned bankers, entrepreneurs, research analysts, financial experts, and industry professionals with hundreds of years of combined financial experience and a track record of success in capital markets.

Norman Rothstein


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Becker Goldstein

Director of Research

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Tao Tao He

Co-Director of Advisory

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Reese Schonfeld

Senior Media Advisor

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Ryan Trinkle

Senior Technology Advisor

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Josiah Wilmoth

Senior Reporter

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Jonathan Creasy

Senior Research Reporter

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Illyse Rothstein

Senior Editor

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Lawrence Hecht

Director of Content

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Cy Gowdie

Director of Production

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Sam Fisher (Brad)

Director of Marketing

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Daniel Jeffries

Premier Crypto Journalist

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Strategic Coin Advisory Group

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Strategic Coin Reporting Group

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Strategic Coin Media Group

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