CanYa Research Report

CanYa Research Report

Dec 21, 2017

CanYa received an above average rating for a new platform, and we feel comfortable with the commitment and abilities displayed by CanYa’s founders and advisory team. The CanYa team’s strengths lie in its support from its developers, advisors, and surrounding community. Areas that we will monitor for improvement are continued growth in community engagement and steps taken to improve the protocol and security.

Over the course of CanYa’s token generation event (“TGE”), the Strategic Coin Research Team has been in close communication with the developers to better understand the potential of the project’s P2P service-rendering commerce platform. The goal of this report is to provide a clear understanding of management’s vision and present the benefits of the platform to its users.

For access to the full report click here.

Speaking about CanYa’s plans to retain token buyers after the initial TGE, CEO JP Thor said, “400 HODL club members, it is our job to keep the believers in there.”